Price list

      5x7          $15.00

     (2) 5x7's (one pose) $25.

     8x10       $30.00

     (8) wallets (one pose)  $10.00

     (8 ) wallets (one pose) metallic finish $12.00

     (1) 3.5x5.......$7.00

     (4) 3.5x5's (one pose).....$25.00

     (4) 3.5x5's (two poses).....$27.00

     (1) 4x5.......$7.00

     (4) 4x5's (one pose).....$25.00

     (4) 4x5's (two poses).....$27.00

     11x14      $60.00

     16x20     $95.00

     20x24    $135.00



 Basic retouching is included. You may select as many poses as you wish for printing. Any photo can be printed in black & white or sepia tone at no extra charge. Canvas wrap is available.  Please inquire.

Note: There will be a $10 charge per  image for photos requiring more than basic retouching. Please apply 6.25% sales tax to portrait fee. 

    Please contact me to discuss wedding    packages.    774-266-0367

My  portrait fee is $125.00, family $150.00 and is due at the end of the session. Small images will be emailed to you for selection.